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10 Different Kitchen Styles

10 Different Kitchen Styles

But what kind of kitchen is right for your home? With such a wide range of styles available, it’s difficult to make a decision. We’ve selected ten different kitchens and explained a little more about them, helping you to decide which is best for you and your home.

1. Farmhouse

Farmhouse kitchens are family focused and highly functional, providing lots of storage space with open shelves and free standing cabinets. Traditional British range cookers are just one of the highlights, along with deep ceramic sinks and statement fireplaces. A typical farmhouse kitchen also features a huge central table or island, complete with long benches or classic wooden chairs. Warm, homely and sociable, this style of kitchen is perfect for large families and those with a penchant for heritage-inspired spaces.

2. Modern

Sleek and simple, the  made-to-measure modern kitchens  boast up-to-the-minute materials and design. Metal and glass are key components, along with the neutral shades of cream and grey. Flat panels are also commonplace, complete with stylish fixtures and finishes. The minimalistic approach in modern kitchens means lines and edges do all the talking; with limited colour and no clutter, the industrial style really comes into its own. If you’re a fan of structure and simplicity, the modern kitchen is ideal for you and your home.

3. Blended

A warm, friendly mix of contemporary and classic, blended kitchens offer a harmonious design that’s perfect for homeowners struggling to decide on a set style. Fusing together natural and synthetic materials, the blended kitchen boasts an appealing balance of the organic and the manufactured. A neutral backdrop with pops of colour work best in this style, along with carefully selected ornaments, furnishings and light fixtures.

4. Country Cottage

Country cottage kitchens are cosy classics ‘ comfortable, feminine, welcoming spaces that just beg to be enjoyed! Open shelving proudly displays antique crockery and glassware, and wooden worktops provide plenty of space for retro gadgets. Country cottage kitchens never scrimp on details; pretty fabrics and prints reign supreme, with florals, stripes and checks being favourites. However, along with its vintage sweetness, this style of kitchen has a real sense of quality and durability, aptly demonstrated by its slate tiles and sturdy units.

5. Continental

Stylish and intimate, continental kitchens offer a chic twist on the traditional. Exposed brick and worn wood play big roles, along with effective lighting techniques that create a diffused glow. This style involves a real mix of materials, from copper and china to wood and leather, so it’s perfect for those with an eclectic taste. As with most traditional kitchen arrangements, cookware makes for decoration as well as function, so display units are a must. Finished off with vintage posters, pot plants and decorative vessels, a continental kitchen has a real  je ne sais quoi  about it.

6. Mediterranean

While wood, stone and terracotta shades help to achieve a Mediterranean vibe, these kitchen still manage to be light and airy. A major part of this style is the sociability between this room and the rest of the house ‘ including the outdoors ‘ so an open plan arrangement and lots of natural light sources are a must. Greenery also plays a big role, so there should be plenty of shelf space for plants and flowers! Mediterranean kitchens are a dream for those that want a taste of the exotic, offering a rich, warm space that still feels bright and spacious.

7. American

Another kitchen that fuses two styles is the American, which seamlessly blends the latest trends and mod cons into a traditional shell. Open plan and airy, American style kitchens provide a sociable environment for all the family, complete with the newest equipment that makes prepping and cooking that little bit easier! Typical American kitchens feature a central island with stools, large worktops and low hanging lights, all of which help to create a big, sociable space with a great atmosphere.

8. Glamorous

Glamorous kitchens are few and far between, owed mainly to expense and impracticality, but when carefully executed with function  and  fashion in mind, they can be real showstoppers. Glossy surfaces and luxury fabrics are just two characteristics, both bringing a sense of opulence to the space. In terms of colour, contrasting black and white tend to be a go-to, though feminine creams and metallic greys also fit the bill. Marble, leather and glass are the materials of choice in glamorous kitchens, with a chandelier being the finishing touch.

9. Traditional

For many homeowners,  traditional bespoke kitchens  are best. The classic style of conventional kitchens is hard to beat, especially when it hits all practicality requirements while remaining crisp and charming. In terms of material, traditional kitchens focus on old favourites; wood, granite and brushed metal are regular choices, with neutral, complementary colours throughout. Cabinets are standard shapes and sizes, constructed with high quality timber and simple fixtures, while patterns and textures are introduced by stylish window dressings and cushion covers.

10. Retro

Finally, a kitchen style that’s seen a real resurgence of late: retro. For those looking to make a big statement with a hint of kitsch, the retro kitchen is a wonderful choice. This style incorporates bright colours, bold prints and accessories that wouldn’t look out of place in a 50s diner. Surfaces range from glass and laminate to marble and wood, with the floor boasting striking tiles or polished parquet. Red and blue tend to be the accent colours of choice, though green, yellow and orange are also excellent options.

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