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Decorating Your Kitchen for Christmas

Decorating Your Kitchen for Christmas

Deck the wallsIf you have a lot of spare wall space in your kitchen, you might like the idea of using wall art or wall stickers. They’re easy to put on and take off, and you can get the whole family involved in the decorating fun. This  Christmas Wall Quote  is perfect if you want to keep things more understated. Alternatively if you want to go all out and fill your room with Christmas cheer, opt for something like this  Snowman Wall Sticker  which the kids will love! Stickers aside, you could tie baubles to string and drape them along a wall, or even hang your Christmas cards on string and hang them up in the kitchen. This also saves surface space if you don’t have enough places to stand all your cards.Light it upNothing beats the twinkle of festive lights at Christmas, so why not put some up in your kitchen as well as on your tree? They don’t have to be garish, flashing ones like you see on the outside of some houses! Choose simple, clean white lights that will add a touch of Christmas sparkle. Tea lanterns are another way to introduce a traditional Christmas look – just makes sure you’re around when they’re lit and always blow the candles out when you leave. Alternatively, opt for fake candles to put in the lanterns to avoid the worry.


Santa’s sh-elves

We’d usually favour minimal clutter on open kitchen shelves, but during Christmas time the usual decorating guidelines can get a little blurred! You could put the fairy lights on your shelves, or even a fake fir tree branch for something a little different. Spread some Christmas trinkets, fir cones or homemade crafts for extra festivity. Poinsettias look the part at Christmas and would make a lovely, festive addition to your open shelves.


Festive dining

Spend some time decorating your dinner table and you could turn it into a real focus point in your kitchen. National Trust have some lovely  Christmas kitchen accessories, from Novelty Santa Jumper Napkins to Christmas Drinking Jars and Christmas Robin Tea Towels to decorate to your heart’s content. Choose a theme and stick with it to keep it looking classy. If you try and introduce too many ideas it might end up looking cluttered and a little tacky!

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