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Five Colourful Kitchens

Five Colourful Kitchens

Here at Express in the Home we are proud to offer a wide selection of quality fitted kitchens. These vary from carefully crafted, classic styles to slick modern designs, with a huge range of fixtures and finishes available. Today we’re taking a closer look at a selection of our most vibrant kitchens, and have  pulled together five that all have one thing in common: colour.  From eye-catching back painted glass to striking storage units, these kitchens break away from tradition in unabashed statements of colour. Which is your favourite?

Exotic Island

This orange central island makes a big statement, complemented by the matching back painted glass within further storage units.  Get the look by selecting one or two standout elements to ‘pop’ upon a clean, classic backdrop ‘ and don’t be afraid to opt for particularly brave colours, such as tangerine, canary yellow or aquamarine. Our own  Calais  range is showcased perfectly in this bold orange shade, which is just one of the many vinyl colours available.


Scarlet Accents

Red may not spring to mind straight away for kitchen colours, but when combined with neutral shades like grey and white, it works beautifully. You can achieve this look by selecting kitchen units with contrasting frames and panels, and ensuring you choose silky, high gloss finishes to further contrast any matte aspects. The  Murano  collection is top of our list when it comes to smooth, gloss finishes, and we think this quality is exemplified brilliantly in this deep shade of scarlet.


Citrus Features

If colourful fitted kitchens are a step too far for you, why not choose bright statement walls instead? Our own  Porto  collection in white looks super stylish against a lime wall, and also works well with citrus green, back painted glass in tall units. By keeping the rest of the palette limited to various shades of brown, this kitchen is sure not to take things too far, while maintaining a quirky, refreshing edge.


Mellow Yellow

The colour of sunshine and happiness, yellow is a wonderful choice for the kitchen, ensuring that things remain light and bright while still feeling cosy. We especially like the combination of woodgrain and white gloss units, which look striking against the soft lemony walls. Neutral fit outs upon bright backdrops works once again, as depicted by our very own  Rhodos  range.


Purple Project

For a kitchen with serious stand out quality, opt for bold colour throughout ‘ but be sure to select your shade carefully! Neons and ultra-brights may be too overpowering for a complete collection of units, so choose a slightly understated hue. The Express  Manhattan  range demonstrates this method with its muted plum panels, which are highlighted by neutral woodgrain and monochromes. For that extra pop of colour, select accessories in a contrasting shade.

Are you interested into transforming your current space into a colourful kitchen? Here at Express in the Home we have a wide range of  modern kitchens  with a great range of coloured vinyls available.

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