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Laminate  Worktops

The first glance is mostly given to the worktop. Therefore, its design counts as much as its function. Not to be confused with budget options available from DIY chains, our laminate range is hard-wearing offering you unrivalled quality at an unbeatable price. Laminate is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a worktop that’s easy to maintain. Constructed from high density chipboard with a protective coating, laminate work surfaces can be cut and edged to your specification either in situ or in our factory.

Stone Decor Effect

K003 Canyon

K010 Amalfi Marble Brown

K011 Amalfi Marble Grey

K013 Slate Basalt

K016 Concrete Natural Grey

K018 Granite Pebble Grey

K019 Granite Versuvius Grey

K033 Structured Lava Brown

K036 Structured Dark Grey

K044 Nero

K052 Beige Jura Marbel

K056 Beige Marble Banded

K057 Toumaline Quartzite

K078 Zeus Anthracite

K080 Slate Dark Anthracite

K084 Oxide Steel

K088 Cermic Terra

K195 Travertine Graphite

Wooden Decor Effect

K004 Butcherblock Dark Walnut

K005 Butcherblock Walnut medium

H014 Havana Brown

K015 Trunk Oak Brown

Limed Montana Spruce

K083 Coco Bolo

K50 Ellmau Oak

K505 Natural Knotty Oak

K510 Smoked Oak

K515 Limed Pine

Natural Mountain Larch

K615 Silver Larch

K620 Samo Oak Natural Brown

K625 Belfort Oak Mace

k630 Natural Elm

K680 Natural Walnut

k705 Wenge Havanna

K735 Chestnut Basalt

K825 Pine Magnolia

K845 Spruce Chalet

Uni Laminate

K090 Crystal White

K100S White

K115 Polar White

K120 Crystal Grey

K135S Magnolia

K189 Lava Black Textured

K210 Sand Grey

K235 Stone Grey

K445 Truffle Brown

Solid Laminate

K119 Solid Polar White

K239 Solid Stone Grey

K449 Solid Truffle Brown