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A Sociable Shaker Kitchen

About This Project

Choosing a bespoke design is an opportunity to create a seamless array of appliances and furniture, as well as adding some luxury touches. This kitchen design is full of just that.

Minimally modern with a traditional flavour, this design has made the kitchen units work for the room, rather than the other way around. The central island is the focal point of the design, with the huge practical worktop boasting both cooking appliances as well as the comfy social setting of the room.

This huge kitchen is open plan, practical, has a pastel colour palette with modern touches, and traditional features to accentuate the traditional property with its oak supporting pillars and curved wooden windows.
Floor to ceiling wall mounted radiators match the kitchen units, whilst the island is a different colour to ensure it stays the feature element within the design.

You can see luxury kitchens like this first hand by visiting our Leeds showroom.