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Bergwald - Carcass Specification

Bergwald – Carcass Specification

• Glued & Screwed back panels with integrated ventilation space.
• All shelving is 19mm thick.
• 16mm Carcass sides, tops and base panels.
• 19mm Carcass base panels in Wall Units for additional support and integrity.
• Resin coated carcasses for moisture Protection.
• Choice of Drawer box styles including steel or glass sides.

Manufactured to order and typical high German standards. The carcass sides, base shelves and shelves are made from high quality chipboard and come with a protective resin coating on each side. The units are supported with 16mm sides and bottoms with 19mm shelves giving the unit good rigidity. The resin coating on both side of the back panel avoids any build-up of moisture, this panel is also glued and screwed for a strong and stable connection.
The visible outer sides of the carcasses are also available in a wide range of colours to match the door fronts.
The units arrive predrilled for shelf supports, colour coded filler caps are provided to cover any unused holes. This also provides flexibility and different options should you wish to change shelf positioning later.
We offer two different base unit heights of 715mm and 780mm, there is also a wide choice of plinth heights. We also offer corresponding wall and Tall unit heights to achieve perfect balance and symmetry in your kitchen and giving you more control to get not just a stunning kitchen but also a practical space bespoke to you

Key Features:
• High quality premium carcass specification as standard.
• Arrives fully assembled from Germany ensuring professional craftsmanship.
• Extremely hardwearing and durable in the busiest of kitchens.
• Glued AND screwed construction for a more robust unit.
• Large choice of colours available for external carcass sides – either to match the door frontal or a stunning contrast.
• Choice of different system heights.

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