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Space Saving Solutions for your Bathroom

Space Saving Solutions for your Bathroom

Clever corners  By making the most of your corners you can cleverly open up the area to give the illusion of more floor space. Use corners for storage vanity units, keeping your belongings in one place.

Tall units with open shelves can also be nicely fitted in the corner of your bathroom and placed next to your sink and mirror, making for the perfect vanity station or towel storage.


Wall-hung toilets and basins

Wall-hung toilets and basins are a great option for smaller bathrooms, as shown here in the  Adriatic Cappuccino Gloss  range. The fact that they are more compact ensures they don’t look disproportionate in the space you have, and because you can see more wall space around them, this simply opens up the room. Keep the design minimal and you won’t overcomplicate the look, creating a simple and contemporary space.


Walk-in shower  


You might think a smaller bathroom is no place for a walk-in shower, but they can be a functional option and really help seal the look of a small space due to their streamlined appeal. Consider a seamless glass enclosure that won’t impede on light flow or the appearance of space in the room. Depending on the space you have to work with, you could install a walk-in shower in addition to your bath. Alternatively, if you’re not too bothered about tub time, why not replace the bath completely and fit a walk-in shower instead? A rectangular room is perfect for this, with a walk-in shower stretching one of the shortest walls without overpowering the space. Consider adding feature tiles to make the shower a focal point.


Matching wall or floor tiles  

An easy design idea to create the illusion of space is to keep things as simple as possible. If you decked out your bathroom with matching or similar wall and floor tiles, you’d inevitably give it a streamlined look and make it spaciously appealing. Opt for a light, neutral tone to avoid swallowing any light with dark shades. Of course that’s not to say you couldn’t introduce flashes of colour with your units or accessories like in this  Vogue Red Gloss  range.

Gloss or mirrored surfaces

It seems simple advice but it really does work. Magnify the natural light that flows into your bathroom by placing the mirror opposite the window. Strategically place spotlights so they are reflected in mirrors and gloss surfaces, if the room lacks natural light. If you’re going for a modern or contemporary look, opt for gloss vanity units and surfaces or even shiny tiles so as much light is reflected as possible.


There are both structural and cosmetic changes you could make depending on the finished look you’re after, so why not speak to one of our experts who can take you through the process and perhaps give you a few ideas you hadn’t considered?  Contact us  and let’s get you on your way to bathroom bliss!

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