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Valentine’s Day – Turn Your Home into a Love Nest

Valentine’s Day – Turn Your Home into a Love Nest

KitchenArguably the place you spend most of your time and often dubbed ‘the heart of the home’, the kitchen is the perfect place to start. Have a look at this  12 piece dinner set  from Dunelm that includes heart-shaped crockery. Perfect for breakfast in bed on Valentine’s morning!Emma Bridgewater  has some really lovely heart-themed kitchen accessories, from teapots to retro radios with unique, delicate designs.  Living RoomThe living room is the perfect room to create a cosy haven and you can experiment with textures and materials to create a snug retreat. Choose lush rugs and squishy cushions to create a welcoming, comfy atmosphere.BathroomAdding sensual touches to your bathroom will ensure you turn it into the perfect room for a little ‘relax and unwind’ after a long day. This  heart soap plate  is a nice touch, and the calming effect of  lavender soap  will help destress.

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a shabby chic look, this  heart-shaped mirror  is perfect for transforming a blank wall or large windowsill.

Scented candles are a must for creating a calming atmosphere and especially effective when combined with specialist bath oils for a blissful soak.



We all know the benefits of destressing and ensuring we’re relaxed before we head off to the land of nod, so with that in mind, bringing a little love-inspired home décor to your boudoir could do wonders!

Scented candles wouldn’t go amiss in the bedroom too, creating an atmosphere perfect for winding down. Choose vanilla for something sweet or if you prefer fresh scents, bed-linen is a good choice.

If your bedroom is a little quirkier, take a look at this  love wall art  to place on a brightly coloured wall or as a centrepiece on a chimney breast.


Whether you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, it’s still nice to bring a little more love into your home!

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